Heatsinks for the C128


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48 pin Heatsink *Bare*

48-pin size heatsink - Bare

  • Approx dimensions: 62 x 20 x 6mm 
  • Suitable for the larger VIC chips in the Commodore 128 
  • Can also be used for Spectrum Toastrack 128 ULA (as long as the chip is soldered directly to the PCB, not in a socket)
  • The heatsink is bare aluminium, you can use thermally conductive glue to attach it (or get the version with the thermal tape attached).
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C128 48 pin Heatsink *Self Adhesive*

48-pin size heatsink - Self Adhesive

  • As above but has special thermally conductive pad attached, ready to peel and apply.
  • Alcohol wipe included
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Heatsink adhesive 6g Tube

Small Tube Of Thermally Conductive Adhesive

  • For attaching heatsinks to chips
  • 5 gram tube - enough for about a dozen chips
  • Instructions supplied
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