Retroleum - The Retro Spares Shop

Retroleum sells various new, old stock and salvaged components mainly for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 (but also a few items for the VIC20, C16, Plus4, C128, ZX81 etc). 

I try to keep my delivery charges as low as possible - the actual postage cost of each order is calculated automatically, taking into account the size and weight.  Overseas customers should bear in mind that VAT and admin charges may be charged on arrival by their local mail service before they will release the package - please see this page for more information. I am currently posting orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (orders can be placed all times, but I need a few days away from processing orders each week to build up stock etc).

To help with repairs I have some general fault-finding information here

What's new: June 2024 - Things becoming scarce :( After almost 50 years in production, Zilog finally discontinued the Z80 CPU (though I'll still have stock for a while). Additionally, Xilinx/AMD discontinued the CPLD chip that the Nebula and SMART Cards are based on. I have a few of these chips in stock and they are still available at a few suppliers but the price is now kind of prohibitive (eg: 21 GBP each!) so the future of the Nebula and SMART Card is looking shaky. The chip situation has also affected almost all the C64 chip replacement modules made by Eslapion: My very last batch of PLAnkton PLA replacement modules is now in stock and I have a few Saruman RAM replacements left - alas, once sold there will be no more.

April 2024: New lines: Transformer coils for Spectrum PCB, Spectrum Issue2 replacement speaker module, New Spectrum PSU with DC switch & LED indicator