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Spectrum Modifications

Items for modifying Spectrum PCBs..


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3 Metres of Kynar-style PCB repair wire

3 Metres of Kynar-style PCB repair wire

  • Fine (0.25mm solid core) wire, useful for repairing damaged PCBs 
  • Sold in 3 Metre lengths
  • Colour: Green
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BC549C Transistor

BC549C Transistor

A general purpose NPN transistor that can be used to make an alternative version of composite video mod on the Spectrum. Using a transistor instead of a simple wire or capacitor provides a stronger signal, usually giving a brighter picture. It also buffers the Spectrum's video circuitry so much of the load is taken by this transistor. However, it may not be compatible with modern LCD TVs.

Transistor video mod connections:

  • Collector (left lead in image) to 5V pad (TV modulator power, disconnect the TV modulator power wire)
  • Base (centre lead) to Spectrum video out pad (disconnect the TV modulator signal wire)
  • Emitter (right lead) to video socket - it's best to use a small piece of wire to extend this lead.

Note: Alternatively, two BC549s can be used to replace TR1 and TR2 to give a brighter picture when the composite mod is done uisng a capacitor (though they must be fitted rotated 180' compared to the silk screen legend). Please see this article for details.

Brand new

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Blue axial capacitors For Spectrum 16/48 and Composite Mod Kit

Blue Axial Capacitors For ZX Spectrum / Composite Video Mod Kit

  • A set of new blue coloured axial type electrolytic capacitors for the Spectrum 16 / 48 / 48+ made by Dubilier, a long established brand. (Axial caps have a wire at each end, ie: the same form as those originally fitted to the Spectrum PCB.)
  • This kit also includes components to modify the Spectrum's video output to give a composite video signal from the existing phono connector and parts for the DC-DC improvement mod for issue 2 boards.
  • Brief fitting instructions included, with full details here.
  • Unfortunately, the cheaper black axial caps are no longer available.
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Capacitor for Spectrum video mod

A 100uf  Radial Electrolytic Capacitor

A capacitor suitable for making the composite video mod on ZX Spectrums

Please see this article for details.

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De-solder Braid / Wick 1.5 Metres x 2.5mm

De-solder Braid / Wick (1.5 Metres x 2.5mm)

  • Ideal for assisting repair work on motherboards etc
  • Sold in sealed packs.
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Flux Pen

Flux Pen

  • Helps solder flow cleanly, ideal for re-work jobs etc
  • Will also dissolve old flux residue etc to prepare very clean solder pads.
  • Non-corrosive flux.
  • Contents: 10ml
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Heatsink adhesive 6g Tube

Small Tube Of Thermally Conductive Adhesive

  • For attaching heatsinks to chips
  • 5 gram tube - enough for about a dozen chips
  • Instructions supplied
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Heatsink for 40 pin DIL Chips - Black Anodized, Bare

Heatsink for 40 Pin DIL Chips - Bare

  • Heatsink suitable for 40 PIN Chips such as the CPU in the Commodore 64 and ULA in ZX81 and Spectrum Plus. 
  • Note: There is not enough room for a heatsink in the rubber-keyed Spectrum unless you desolder the ULA's IC socket and fit the ULA directly onto the motherboard. For the Spectrum+ there is room to fit the heatsink without soldering the ULA to the PCB if the keyboard backing plate is the thin grey metal type (the plastic backing plates are thicker and get in the way slightly). 
  • Black anodized finish
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 19mm x 4.8mm
  • Attachment methods: The heatsink is not self-adhesive - it requires thermally conductive glue which I sell separately.
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Heatsink for 40 pin DIL Chips - Black Anodized, Self Adhesive

Heatsink for 40 Pin DIL Chips - Self Adhesive

  • As above, but with thermally-conductive self-adhesive pad pre-attached, ready to peel and apply.
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Internal reset switch for Spectrum+ *Original*

An original internal reset switch for Spectrum+ (used) and Toastrack 128

  • As used in the Spectrum+ (soldered across capacitor C27 - or at the provided pads on issue 6 motherboards)
  • Also used in the Toastrack 128
  • Tested, working.
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Isopropyl-alcohol wipe

Large Tesa brand isopropyl alcohol wipe

  • Large (folds out to approx 14x18cm) 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Suitable for cleaning contacts, chips/heatsinks etc
  • Made by Tesa, the adhesive specialists
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RAM upgrade kit - To upgrade a 16KB Spectrum to 48K

RAM Upgrade Kit for 16K ZX Spectrum (to 48K)


  • 8 x 4164 Upper RAM chips (Unused, old stock chips - all tested by myself.)

.. brand new support logic chips for the upper RAM:

  • 2 x 74HCT157
  • 1 x 74HCT32
  • 1 x 74HCT00

.. and wire links / solder, and printed instructions.

Fitting is usually just a case of inserting the chips into the empty sockets on the motherboard and soldering a couple of wire links across the appropriate pads on the PCB. Almost all 16K models can be upgraded but there are some very early (Issue One) Spectrums that have no space on the PCB for more memory.

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RAM upgrade kit for 16KB Spectrum (to 48K) - Module version

RAM Upgrade Kit for 16K ZX Spectrum (to 48K) - Module Version.

This version of the Spectrum RAM upgrade kit offers a cheaper, modern alternative to using individual DRAM chips. A small custom daughterboard module with a low power SRAM IC is simply pressed into the RAM IC sockets.

The kit also contains the 4 support logic chips which must be fitted at positions IC23-26 (IE: 2 x 74HCT157, 1 x 74HCT32 and1 x 74HCT00). A couple of wire links may also need to be soldered between the appropriate pads located on the PCB - full fitting instructions are provided.

Please check your Spectrum can be actually upgraded! Almost all 16K models can but there are some very early Spectrums that have no space on the PCB for more memory.

Click here for fitting instructions (printed version also included in kit)

If you don't require the support logic, the board is usually available on its own - see below.

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Solder 3 Metres 0.7mm

3 Metres of flux-cored 60/40 tin-lead solder

Good quality, 0.7mm diameter - ideal for fine electronics work.

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Spectrum Lower RAM replacement module

Lower RAM replacement module for ZX Spectrum

A PCB module designed to replace (all 8) of the 4116 ICs used for the lower 16KB of RAM in the Spectrum.

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Spectrum Upper RAM replacement module

Upper RAM replacement module for ZX Spectrum

A PCB module designed to replace (all 8) of the 4532 ICs used for the upper 32KB of RAM in the Spectrum.

  • Suitable for Spectrum motherboard issues 2-6
  • Modern low power SRAM
  • Can be pressed into DIL sockets or soldered onto Spectrum PCB when the 4532s have been removed.
  • Click here for fitting instructions - printed version also included with board.

Please note: If you need to upgrade a 16KB machine with this board, please purchase the version with the support logic chips (or order 1 x 74HCT00, 1 x 74HCT32, 2 x 74HC157 in addition to this board)


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Switch Mode 5v Regulator - Modded for horizontal mount (replaces 7805)

MuRata Switch Mode 5v Regulator (replaces 7805)

A direct replacement for the cheap but inefficient 7805 found in the Spectrum. A high-efficiency switch mode regulator so wastes very little power as heat (the Spectrum's heatsink is completely removed when this device is fitted!)

  • High efficiency 5v 1.5A output
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current shutdown
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Modified by myself for horizontal mounting - essential for Issue 2 boards in rubber key cases due to space constraints  (Optional on other Spectrum 48 boards. See 128 mods for the unmodifed vertical mount version.)
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