VIC 20 Misc Parts


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3.15A 20mm Fuse for VIC20

3.15A 20mm main fuse

  • As used inside the early VIC20 which has a 2-pin power connector 
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Heatsink assembly for early VIC20

Heatsink assembly for early VIC20

  • Original salvaged parts in good condition
  • Includes the 3 black metal fittings, 2 insulating tabs, screws with associated nuts and washers
  • For the original (wide) VIC20 board which has a 2-pin AC power connector
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Main badge for VIC20

Main badge for VIC20 *Original metal badge*

  • The VIC20 had various badge designs. Those sold here read "C= Commodore VIC20" as shown in photo.
  • Very good condition - no chips or major scratches
  • Size is 110.0 x 10.6mm - please check your case as the recess can vary.
  • Clean and in very good condition. Old adhesive removed and fresh double sided tape applied, ready to peel for attachment.
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Power Badge for VIC20 *Grade A*

VIC20 Metal Power Badge * Grade A *

  • Original VIC20 "Power" badge - almost the same as those used on the C64 but generally darker brown
  • Salvaged part - so wont be mint condition - but there are no paint chips or major scratches
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 10.7 mm
  • As it is very difficult to attach fresh double-sided tape evenly due to the hole for the power LED, these badges are best attached with a tiny spot of glue
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Serial Number Foil Sticker for VIC20

Original Serial Number Sticker for VIC20 - "Made In England" types

  • Original Metail foil serial number labels, cleanly removed from old VIC20 cases.
  • In good condition  - may have wrinkles but not torn or dog-eared.
  • Fresh double-sided tape attached ready to peel and apply.
  • The following serial numbers are available - if you require a specific serial number from the list below, please state which in the Special Instructions box during checkout. If nothing is specified, I'll select one at random.
  • Currently available:  UKB318108
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VIC20 early style side port panel

VIC20 early style side port panel

  • For VIC20s that have a 2-pin power socket.
  • Note the socket is attached (desoldered from the choke) due to the difficulty in removing it.
  • Good conditon - All text intact
  • Screws are supplied
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