Modifications for Spectrum 128 variants


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1.65K Resistor - Toastrack AY-Beeper Balance Mod

1.65K Resistor - Toastrack AY-Beeper Balance Mod

  • When using a SCART lead with the Spectrum 128, the audio level of the AY sound chip is much lower than that of the beeper from the ULA. Replacing R115 (just left of the ULA)  with a 1.65K resistor gives a more equal balance.
  • Sold individually.
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15uH inductor + 82pf Capacitors for Spectrum 128 +2 Video mod

A 15uH inductor & 82pf Capacitor for Spectrum 128 and +2 Video mod

Spectrum 128 / +2s often have a yellow/cyan shadow in their RF and Composite video output. It is possible to reduce this effect by connecting a 15uH inductor and a 82pf capacitor in series and soldering them between pins 8 and 17 of the Spectrum 128 +2's TEA2000 video encoder chip.

See the page on spectrumforeveryone and JoulesperCoulomb's youtube video for details.

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470 Ohm resistor - R44 mod on Spectrum +2A,+2B, +3, R9 on +2

470 Ohm resistor

  • Suitable for replacing the 1K resistor at R44 to do the "blanking mod" on the Spectrum +2A, +2B and +3 (improves a dark, flickering or ghosted picture when using an RGB SCART cable with LCD TVs). More info can be found here
  • Can also be used to correct the SCART selection voltage on the grey +2 (move link LK4 to LK2 and solder the 470 Ohm resistor at R9, removing the 1K resistor that is there on Issue1 boards) - more info here
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Anti Jailbar capacitors for Toast Rack Spectrum 128

Anti-Jailbar capacitors for Toastrack Spectrum 128

It has been found that replacing C7 and C8 with 1uf ceramic capacitors and the 22uf electrolytic cap at C28 with a 47uf version often reduces the jailbar effect on the "toastrack" Spectrum 128. This kit contains all three caps. More info can be found here.

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GAL16V8-15 programmed with "Unrainer" for Spectrum 128s

GAL16V8-15 programmed with Unrainer for Spectrum 128s

  • This corrects the bug in the 128's memory controller chip detailed here whereby certain 128 games have onscreen video disruption on the +2 (eg: Robocop 3) and the BASIC command PRINT IN 32765 causes a crash.
  • The GAL chip is supplied with a 20-pin DIL socket, wire and instructions.
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Solder 3 Metres 0.7mm

3 Metres of flux-cored 60/40 tin-lead solder

Good quality, 0.7mm diameter - ideal for fine electronics work.

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Switch Mode 5v Regulator - Unmodded, vertical mount (replaces 7805)

MuRata OKI Switch Mode 5v Regulator for Spectrum 128 "Toast Rack"

A replacement for the cheap inefficient 7805 used in the Spectrum 128 "Toastrack". This high-efficiency switch mode regulator wastes very little power as heat so no heatsink connection is required. It mounts directly onto the PCB where the 7805-connector wires are soldered.

  • High efficiency 5v 1.5A output
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current shutdown
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Unmodified for direct-PCB vertical mounting in Toastrack Spectrum (instructions included).
  • Can also be used in the standard Spectrum48, but as this version of the MuRata regulator is unmodified it cannot be used on Spectrum48 Issue2 boards (in a rubber-key case) as the regulator must be horizontally mounted due to space constraints. (See the Spectrum Mods section for a version modded for horizontal mounting.)
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Traco 2 Amp 5 Volt switching regulator

Traco 2 Amp 5 Volt switching regulator TSR 2-2450

  • Cool running power regulator capable of delivering 5 volts @ 2 Amps
  • Replaces the L78S05 regulator header in the Spectrum 128+2 (solder direct to PCB)
  • Large heatsink no longer needed.
  • Pin out / fitting diagram included.
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