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4 New microswitches for Zipstik Joysticks

Four new microswitches for Zipstik joysticks

  • These replace the original microswitches used for the directions in Zipstiks (except the late cost-reduced version that didn't use microswitches at all.)
  • It is desirable to replace all four microswitches even when only one fails to preserve the balance between the directions (important for diagonals).
  • Brand new, top quality Crouzet brand microswitches: Smooth, quiet operation, actuaction force virtually the same as the originals.
  • Instructions provided, though it's pretty much a straight swap-out job requiring only screwdrivers and pliers. (Occasionally some soldering may be needed.)
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Auto-fire switch for Zipstik Joystick

Replacement auto-fire switch for Zipstik joystick

  • DPDT slide switch as used on the autofire PCB inside Zipstick joysticks
  • If the autofire feature doesn't work or is permanently enabled, a bad switch is very likely the culprit.
  • These are hard to source as the switch lever is unusally long (commonly available slide switches have levers that barely exit the joystick body).
  • Unused, old stock parts - tested before dispatch
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C16 / Plus4 Joystick Adapter

C16 / Plus4 Joystick Adapter

  • A short adapter cable with a male 8 pin mini-DIN on one end and a male D-Sub9 connector on the other, allowing standard Atari/C64/Amiga style joysticks to be connected to the C16 / Plus 4
  • Note: Due the non-standard C16/+4 port connections, any auto-fire feature present on your joystick may not work.
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Four flat silicone feet for Zipstik joysticks + IPA wipe

Four flat silicone feet for the Zipstik joystick

  • Four new self-adhesive 13mm diameter x 2mm round silicone feet.
  • For Zipstiks that originally had flat feet, or where the suckers have been removed.
  • Also includes an isopropyl alcohol wipe to help prepare the surface.
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Pack of new tactile switches for later Powerplay Zipstiks

Six new tactile switches for the Powerplay Zipstik

  • Two vertical types for the fire buttons and four right angle type for the directions
  • Used in the later cost-reduced version of the Zipstik made by Powerplay which has PCB mounted tactile switches instead of microswitches.
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