Peripherals For The Commodore 64

Various second hand accessories.


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160mA 20mm Fuse for C64 PSU

160mA 250V 20mm main fuse for C64 PSU

  • As used in the common C64 grey "wedge" PSU (goes in the fuse holder at rear of the unit)
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CleoRAM 4MB - A GeoRAM clone with improvements


  • Developed by Eslapion, the CleoRAM is improved version of the classic GeoRAM module and can be utilized by such applications as GEOS 64 and GEOS 128 (when appropriately configured), Wheels 64 and Wheels 128 (Toolbox update required), CP/M, GeoRAM Digi (C64), Funkpaint (C64) etc

    • Uses a CR2032 battery to hold the RAM contents when main power is off, giving an estimated 3 years of memory back up. Please note the battery is not included due to shipping restrictions but these are readily available.
    • Compatibility – C64, C64C, C128, SX-64, C128D/C128Dcr, Ultimate 64 and has been tested succesfully with the SuperCPU 128 (Compatibility with the TurboMaster requires the Master Adapter)
    • PCB Size – 5.8 x 6.5cm - same as original standard Commodore cartridge. (Note: A case is not included.)
    • Weight – 30 grams
    • Power consumption – 35 mA
    • Gold plated edge connector
    • Useful links: Overview / RAM paging infoApplications and tools , Games.

    Like the original GeoRAM, the CleoRAM is aimed at more serious users and it is assumed customers are familiar with the operation and configuration of these products.

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Replacement Serial Cable Plug 6 pin DIN

Replacement serial cable plug (6 pin DIN) for Commodore 64 

  • Brand new DIN plug
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Zipstik Autofire Joystick - Suckers on base - Original microswitches

Refurbished Zipstik Autofire Joystick - Original microswitches, rubber suckers on base.

  • Original, fully microswitched Zipstik with auto-fire switch.
  • Thoroughly cleaned, internally and externally.
  • Has its original microswitches. All directions including the diagonals, both fire buttons and auto-fire are working perfectly.
  • Good physical condition with just a little wear and tear. The four suckers on the base are present and intact.
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Zipstik joystick - Without autofire -  Original Microswitches.

Refurbished Zipstik Joystick (non-autofire version), original microswitches,  suckers on base.

  • Original, fully microswitched Zipstik. This version does not have the auto-fire feature.
  • Refurbished as follows: Cleaned internally and externally, replaced cable with a new one. Tested.
  • Has its original microswitches - all directions including the diagonals and both fire buttons working perfectly.
  • Very good physical condition - only minor wear and tear. All suckers on the base are present.
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