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41464 / 4464  RAM Chip

41464 / 4464 RAM Chip

  • Organization: 64K x 4, Speed 120ns, Package: 18 pin DIL
  • New, old stock (not desoldered) - all tested before dispatch.
  • As used on late revision motherboards of Commodore 64, Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3 
  • Depending on stock, "4464" types may be supplied - these are the same RAM chips but with a different part number.
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4164 Spectrum Upper RAM chip

4164 Spectrum "Upper RAM" Chip

  • Organization: 64K x 1, Speed: 150ns or faster, 128-cycle refresh, Package: 16 pin DIL
  • Unused, old stock parts. Good clean condition and tested for 2 hours before dispatch.
  • Can be used individually or in any quantity to replace any of the original Upper RAM chips used in the Spectrum 48K (eg: Texas Instrumenents TMS4532-15NL3, TMS4532-15NL4,  OKI M3732H-20, M3732L-20). Any valid setting of the Spectrum RAM type jumpers is fine when using these chips (please see this page for more info regarding the Spectrum's Upper RAM.)
  • These chips cannot be (directly) used to replace the "4116" chips used for the LOWER 16KB of RAM in the bottom left of the Spectrum's PCB.
  • Also suitable for the C64, Spectrum 128 and grey 128 +2 (but not the +2A or +3)


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74LS04 Logic IC

74LS04 Logic Inverter IC

As used in Issue 6A Spectrum motherboards and also on some models of Spectrum 128

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74LS157 Logic IC

74LS157 IC (Texas Instruments)

  • Logic IC used in the ZX Spectrum (multiplexor chip) and in some models of Spectrum 128
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78S05 5 Volt regulator for Spectrum 128 +2

78S05 5 Volt Regulator for Spectrum 128+2

  • This is the higher power (2 Amp) version of the 7805 regulator as required by the 128+2
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Diagnostic ROM for Spectrum 128

Diagnostic Test ROM for the Spectrum 128 / +2

  • Simply remove the Spectrum 128's boot ROM* from its socket and replace it with this EPROM to run diagnostic tests
  • Naturally, the machine needs to have a working CPU / ULA for the diagnostic code to run but it can at least identify bad RAM etc.
  • The diagnostic ROM programmed onto the chip is Brendan Alford's "ZX Diagnostics" 
  • * The boot rom is IC5 in the "Toastrack" Spectrum 128, IC8 in the grey +2 and IC7 in the black +2A
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Switch Mode 5v Regulator - Unmodded, vertical mount (replaces 7805)

MuRata OKI Switch Mode 5v Regulator for Spectrum 128 "Toast Rack"

A replacement for the cheap inefficient 7805 used in the Spectrum 128 "Toastrack". This high-efficiency switch mode regulator wastes very little power as heat so no heatsink connection is required. It mounts directly onto the PCB where the 7805-connector wires are soldered.

  • High efficiency 5v 1.5A output
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current shutdown
  • Over temperature shutdown
  • Unmodified for direct-PCB vertical mounting in Toastrack Spectrum (instructions included).
  • Can also be used in the standard Spectrum48, but as this version of the MuRata regulator is unmodified it cannot be used on Spectrum48 Issue2 boards (in a rubber-key case) as the regulator must be horizontally mounted due to space constraints. (See the Spectrum Mods section for a version modded for horizontal mounting.)

Note: Will be out of stock for the foreseeable future due to the worldwide component shortage.

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TEA2000 Video Encoder IC for Spectrum 128 +2

TEA2000 Video Encoder IC

  • As used in the Spectrum 128 +2 etc
  • Symptoms when the IC is faulty include no video, monochrome only video.
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Traco 2 Amp 5 Volt switching regulator

Traco 2 Amp 5 Volt switching regulator

  • Cool running power regulator capable of delivering 5 volts @ 2 Amps
  • Replaces the L78S05 regulator header in the Spectrum 128+2 (solder direct to PCB)
  • Large heatsink no longer needed.
  • Pin out / fitting diagram included.
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