Retroleum SMART Card

March 2023: Crucial SMART Card components continue to be in very short supply due to the worldwide component shortage. 



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Retroleum SMART Card V3 interface for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

SMART Card V3.1 Spectrum Interface

The SMART Card is a game loader / kempston compatible joystick interface aimed at Spectrum users who want a simple, plug and play method of loading games quickly from micro SD Card. Upon power up, you are presented with a list of games on your SD Card from which you can select using the joystick or keys. The .sna and .tap files found on, and other websites are supported.

The SMART Card also has extra features such as its diagnostic ROM which can be used to identify bad RAM chips etc. There's also a reset switch and NMI button which allows pokes to be entered, snapshots to be saved, code in RAM to be disassembled etc.

The V3 SMART Card supports 128K games as well as 48K (this necessitated a hardware update so the new ROMs are not compatible with previous versions of the SMART Card unfortunately). It is supplied ready to go, all you need extra is a micro SD card with some games on it - More info and a FAQ can be found here. Manuals etc can be found in the project archive

As with my other modules, I make these by hand as time allows so supply is always going to be limited. Drop me a line if you'd like a notification when I add stock. (Update 9th June 2024: It will be a couple of weeks before I have more ready - currently awaiting parts.)

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