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Chips for 1541 Disk Drives



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GandALF - 325572-01 IC replacement

GandALF - Drive logic replacement module

  • A drop-in replacement module for the 325572-01 drive logic IC
  • Made by Eslapion, creator of the PLAnkton.
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MOS 6522 VIA chip for VIC 20, 1541 etc


  • Original new old stock 6522 chip used in the VIC20 and 1541 series disk drives for IO functions
  • Tested with Commodore Diagnostics: Passed all tests.
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W65C22N MOS 6522 VIA replacement

W65C22N - Replacement for MOS 6522 VIA

  • Brand new chip - replaces the 6522 used in the VIC20 and 1541 and 1571 disk drives
  • Low power, runs cool.
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