Parts for Amiga-related peripherals


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Replacement button for Amiga A500 mouse

Replacement button for Amiga Mouse

  • Used for the left and right buttons in most Amiga "Tank" mice (notably the Made In Malaysia types) but please check as there were many variations.
  • Only light activation pressure required - same as originals.
  • Sold individually.
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Zipstik Autofire Joystick - Suckers on base - Original microswitches

Refurbished Zipstik Autofire Joystick - Original microswitches, rubber suckers on base.

  • Original, fully microswitched Zipstik with auto-fire switch.
  • Thoroughly cleaned, internally and externally.
  • Has its original microswitches. All directions including the diagonals, both fire buttons and auto-fire are working perfectly.
  • Good physical condition with just a little wear and tear. The four suckers on the base are present and intact.
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Zipstik joystick - Without autofire -  Original Microswitches.

Refurbished Zipstik Joystick (non-autofire version), original microswitches,  suckers on base.

  • Original, fully microswitched Zipstik. This version does not have the auto-fire feature.
  • Refurbished as follows: Cleaned internally and externally, replaced cable with a new one. Tested.
  • Has its original microswitches - all directions including the diagonals and both fire buttons working perfectly.
  • Very good physical condition - only minor wear and tear. All suckers on the base are present.
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