Screws and Fittings for Spectrum 128s


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Original round rubber feet for Spectrum+

Original (round) rubber feet for Spectrum Plus and "Toast Rack" 128

  • Salvaged but in very good condition - clean and no obvious damage.
  • Sold individually.
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Pack of case screws for Spectrum 128+2 (Grey model)

Pack of 6 black case screws for Spectrum 128 +2 (A/B)

  • 6 new replacment case screws for 128+2 (grey case) and 128+2A/B (black case) but not "Toast Rack"
  • Note: Sometimes silver coloured screws were originally used (makes no difference)
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Packing block for 128 +2 (grey)

Rubber packing block for Spectrum 128 +2

  • As found inside the grey 128+2 case near the tape unit
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