Capacitors for the Amstrad CPC 464


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47uf 16v Capacitor for Amstrad 464C: Z70100 & Z70200

47uf 16v Radial Capacitor - Z70100, Z70200

  • Quality brand (Panasonic, Rubycon, Kemet etc) long life capacitor
  • Sold individually: Two of these are required for the Z70100 PCB (@ C1 and C102)  but only one for the Z70200 (@ C101)
  • Note: The original cap may be rated 10v - this makes no difference.
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47uf 50v capacitor for Amstrad CPC 464 PCB: Z70375

47uf 50v Radial Capacitor - Z70375

  • 47uf 50v capacitor useful for re-capping the Amstrad CPC 464 motheboard PCB 7Z0375 at C101 (just one is required)
  • Long life, quailty brand (Panasonic, Rubycon, Kemet etc)
  • Sold individually
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Ceramic disc capacitors 10 x 4.7nf

Ten 4.7nf ceramic disc capacitors

  • As used in various locations the PCB (usually marked "472" on the body of the cap) of the Commodore 64, Spectrum and other micros 
  • Ceramic capacitors do not age in the same way as electrolytics so usually don't need to be replaced, but they are quite fragile and sometimes found physically damaged.
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