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3 Metres of Kynar-style PCB repair wire

3 Metres of Kynar-style PCB repair wire

  • Fine (0.25mm solid core) wire, useful for repairing damaged PCBs 
  • Sold in 3 Metre lengths
  • Colour: Green
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Heatsink adhesive 6g Tube

Small Tube Of Thermally Conductive Adhesive

  • For attaching heatsinks to chips
  • 5 gram tube - more than enough for several chips
  • Instructions supplied
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Pack of 10 isopropyl-alcohol wipes

10 x small isopropyl alcohol wipes

  • 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipes - suitable for cleaning contacts, chips/heatsinks etc
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Sachet of thermal grease

Small sachet of thermal grease

  • Suitable for renewing old, dried up thermal grease found on some versions of the C64
  • Note: This is thermally conductive grease, not adhesive.
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Sticky stuff remover pen, plastic scraper blade and 10 isopropyl wipes

Sticky stuff remover pen, isopropyl-alcohol wipes and plastic scraper blade

  • Ideal for removing the old sticky residue from Spectrum cases when replacing the faceplate, keyboard membrane, rubber feet etc.
  • Safe on case plastics
  • Includes a plastic razor blade for scraping and 10 isopropyl-alcohol wipes to prepare the surface(s) for fresh double-sided tape.
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Turned Pin 24 pin IC socket

24-pin "Turned Pin" IC socket

Turned pin sockets are useful for salvaging desoldered ICs or chips that have broken legs as their recepticles grip uneven chip legs well (a soldered wire can be used to link a short pin stub to the socket hole if necessary). The sockets have round, rigid pins so can usually be fitted into normal DIL sockets (though neither socket is really designed for this so YMMV) and are less likely to damage the socket upon removal compared to the uneven legs of a desoldered chip. Of course, they can simply be used as a more robust alternative to normal DIL sockets, though extra care should be taken to ensure pins are aligned correctly when inserting chips.

  • This socket has 24 pins (suitable for C64 breadbin ROMs etc)
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Turned Pin 28-pin IC socket

28-pin "Turned Pin" IC socket

  • As detailed above but 28 pins.
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Turned Pin 40-pin IC socket

40-pin "Turned Pin" IC socket

  • As detailed above but with 40 pins (EG: C64 VIC, CIAs, Spectrum ULA, Z80 etc)
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