Motherboards for Commodore 64

Various main chips will be missing (empty sockets) from these boards but all have been tested with known-good chips (not supplied) - they booted, had decent video quality output and passed all the Commodore diagnostic tests (cartridge and loopback harness used.) Note: The thumbnail photos are for illustration only - please see the individual item descriptions for details.


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Breadbin C64 motherboard 250425 - Main chips missing - unpopulated sockets

Breadbin C64 motherboard p/n: 250425 - UK, PAL **Main chips missing ( unpopulated sockets) **

  • Empty sockets for CIA #1, CIA #2, BASIC ROM, KERNAL ROM, CHARACTER ROM, 6510 CPU, 6581 SID, PLA, 6569 VIC-II (R3-R5) and 8701
  • No right side port plate
  • Tested with known good chips (not included): Boots and passed all diagnostic tests
  • Note: PCB has NOT been re-capped
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