Website Cookie Policy

The following constitutes this site's Cookie Compliance Policy:

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that your web browser creates when a website asks it to save some details. Unless otherwise instructed, a cookie 'expires' (ie, it is deleted) when you close your browser. Websites can only read cookies for which they have permission.

Cookies are used to store information that a site needs to pass between pages or even visits. A common use is to store your login details so that you are automatically recognised when you revisit a site.

EU e-Privacy Directive (the Cookie Law)

The EU e-Privacy Directive dictates that any website that uses cookies for non-essential functions must notify a visitor and allow them the option of accepting those cookies. 

This Website

This website does not use cookies directly, however the web analytics plugin from Google may set its own cookies and so visitors are advised to block these via their browser options if they do not wish to accept them.