Peripherals For The Commodore 64

Various second hand accessories.


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160mA 20mm Fuse for C64 PSU

160mA 250V 20mm main fuse for C64 PSU

  • As used in the C64 grey "wedge" PSU (fuse holder at rear of unit)
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Capacitor Pack for 1541 Disk Drive 1540048 & 250442/46

Replacement Cap Set for 1541 Disk Drive PCB Assm: 1540048, 1540050 & 250442/46

High quality brand (Panasonic, Vishay, Nichicon) long life caps:

  • C1,C4- 1uf radial
  • C2,C5 - 47uf radial
  • C13 - 220uf  radial
  • C16 - 4700uf axial
  • C17 - 6800uf axial
  • C46 - 100uf radial

Also included, for the motor control PCB:

  • C1,C5,C6 - 10uf 35v 105'c (Note: these were originally axial types, radials are supplied to keep cost down.)

IMPORTANT: Please check your board's assm number (or the caps themselves, especially the 6800uf at C16) before ordering. If you require a pack with differing caps, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

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Capacitor Pack for the later 1541-II disk drive (assy no 340503)

  • For mainboard: 3 x 10uf radial electrolytic capacitors
  • For Newtronics D500 Motor Controller PCB (all radial electrolytics): 1 x 0.47uf, 2 x 4.7uf, 1 x 10uf (these may vary - Please check that yours match, drop me a line if different.) 
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Replacement Serial Cable Plug 6 pin DIN

Replacement serial cable plug (6 pin DIN) for Commodore 64 

  • Brand new DIN plug
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