Capacitors for the ZX Spectrum

Old electrolytic capacitors can dry out and fail so it's a good idea to replace them before damage occurs. For 128 cap packs, see the Spectrum 128 section.


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A pack of replacement Axial Capacitors For Spectrum 16/48 and Composite Mod Kit

Axial Capacitors For ZX Spectrum / Composite Video Mod Kit

  • A set of new axial type electrolytic capacitors for the Spectrum 16 / 48 / 48+ (axial caps have a wire at each end, ie: the same form as those originally fitted to the Spectrum PCB).
  • Kit also includes the components which can be used to modify the Spectrum's video output to give a composite video signal from the existing phono connector, and parts for the DC-DC mod on issue 2 boards.
  • Brief fitting instructions included, with full details here.
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A pack of replacement Radial capacitors for Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

Radial electrolytic capacitors  for Spectrum 48 / Composite mod kit

  • A set of new known-brand (Panasonic, Nichicon) radial type long-life capacitors suitable for re-capping a ZX Spectrum 48K (board issues 2 to 6A). 
  • Radial caps need to be fitted horizontally with one lead bent over the top of the capacitor. Brief fitting instructions are included, full details here.
  • The kit also includes components to do the composite video mod (capacitor and transistor version) and issue 2 DC-DC mod.
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Capacitor for Spectrum video mod

A 100uf  Capacitor

A capacitor suitable for making the composite video mod on ZX Spectrums

Please see this article for details.

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Capacitors for ZX Interface One Iss4 PCB

Replacement capacitors for ZX Interface One - Issue 4 PCB

  • 3 x 47uf axial capacitors
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