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3 Amp Fuse for UK Mains Plug

3 Amp Fuse for UK Mains Plug

  • Appropriate fuse for the UK mains plug of Spectrum, Commodore 64 etc
  • Brand new, made to BS1362 standard - ASTA approved.
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Power switch cable for ZX Spectrum with LED

Power switch cable for ZX Spectrum with LED

  • Inline switch cable, fits between the UK1400 PSU and Spectrum power socket
  • Saves wear and tear and tedious insert/remove cycles.
  • Green LED, useful as the Spectrum16/48 has no power indicator
  • Good quality 20AWG cable.
  • 2.1mm pin / 5.5mm outer diameter socket and plug
  • Correctly switches the positive supply - most generic cables will switch the negative side because of the unusual polarity used by the Spectrum
  • Suitable for Spectrum 16 / 48/ 128 Toastrack and 128 +2 (Grey case model)
  • Please note: A few early Spectrum PSUs have a 5.00mm diameter plug -this will be too loose for the socket on this cable. It's quite difficult to judge by eye, but you can refer to this diagram for assistance.
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PSU for ZX Spectrum 16/48K - UK1400 Plus styling

PSU for ZX Spectrum 16/48K - Model UK1400 with Spectrum+ styling

  • Original Sinclair UK1400 PSU in good condition
  • Low wear and tear, all feet present
  • Cleaned and tested for several hours -full working order
  • Runs quietly
  • For UK and other locations which have 240V A/C mains power
  • Brand new UK mains plug with appropriate 3 Amp fuse fitted
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Retroleum SMART Card V3 interface for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

SMART Card V3.1 Spectrum Interface

The SMART Card is a game loader / kempston compatible joystick interface aimed at Spectrum users who want a simple, plug and play method of loading games quickly from micro SD Card. Upon power up, you are presented with a list of games on your SD Card from which you can select using the joystick or keys. The .sna and .tap files found on, and other websites are supported.

The SMART Card also has extra features such as its diagnostic ROM which can be used to identify bad RAM chips etc. There's also a reset switch and NMI button which allows pokes to be entered, snapshots to be saved, code in RAM to be disassembled etc.

The V3 SMART Card now supports 128K games as well as 48K (this necessitated a hardware update so the new ROMs are not compatible with previous versions of the SMART Card unfortunately). It is supplied ready to go, all you need extra is a micro SD card with some games on it - More info and a FAQ can be found here. Manuals etc can be found in the project archive

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X-ROM External ROM board for ZX Spectrum

Retroleum "X-ROM" External ROM board for ZX Spectrum

With SMART Card parts being hard to source at present, I've made a simple external ROM board which can be handy for running diagnostics etc. Features:

  • Holds four 16K ROMs, selectable with DIP Switches
  • By default,  ROM1 and ROM2 are programmed with Retroleum DiagROM and Brendan Alford's ZX-Diagnostics, ROM3 and ROM4 are free - but they can all be anything that's freely available for download on the net (let me know when ordering).
  • The onboard ROM can be disabled without removing the interface (DIP switch 4)
  • The ROM chip (27C512) can be removed from the socket and programmed in a standard EPROM burner.
  • Has a button to reset the Spectrum and LED indicators for main power (+5 volts) +12v and -5v
  • Works with all standard Sinclair and Amstrad era Spectrums.
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Zipstik Autofire Joystick - Suckers on base - Original microswitches

Refurbished Zipstik Autofire Joystick

  • Original, fully microswitched Zipstik with auto-fire switch.
  • Thoroughly cleaned internally and externally. Fully tested.
  • Has its original microswitches. All directions including the diagonals, both fire buttons and auto-fire are working perfectly.
  • Good physical condition with just a little wear and tear. The four suckers on the base are present.
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Zipstik Joystick - Without Autofire - New microswitches

Refurbished Zipstik Joystick without autofire, *new microswitches* (round feet on base)

  • Original, fully microswitched version of the Zipstik with auto-fire switch.
  • Refurbished by myself as follows: Thoroughly cleaned internally and externally, four brand new high quality microswitches fitted and fully tested.
  • Standard D-Sub9 connector so suitable for C64, Spectrum 16/48K (via interface), Amiga, Atari 2600 etc. 
  • Good physical condition with just a little wear and tear. 
  • This version has round flat rubber feet on the base.
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