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3 Amp Fuse for UK Mains Plug

3 Amp Fuse for UK Mains Plug

  • Appropriate fuse for the UK mains plug of Spectrum, Commodore 64 etc
  • Brand new, made to BS1362 standard - ASTA approved.
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Retroleum SMART Card V2 interface for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

SMART Card V2 Spectrum Interface

The SMART Card is a SD-card game loader / kempston compatible joystick interface aimed at Spectrum 48K* users who want a simple, plug and play method of loading games quickly. Upon power up, you are presented with a list of games on your SD Card from which you can select using the joystick or keys. The .sna and .tap files found on, and other websites are supported.

The SMART Card also has extra features such as its diagnostic ROM which can be used to identify bad RAM chips etc. There's also reset / NMI buttons so snapshots of games can be saved, pokes entered etc.

*The V2 SMART Card fits - and works with - all UK Spectrum models with 48K or greater, but please note the software only supports 16K/48K games.

  • Click here for more information.
  • I have some suitable micro SD Cards here if required.

Availability: You may notice the stock level is rarely above zero. I make small batches almost every week but they usually all sell immediately. I cannot reserve them but if you want an email as soon as they're listed just drop me a line.

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Zipstik joystick - autofire version. For C64, Spectrum, Amiga, Atari etc

Zipstik Joystick - Autofire version

  • Original, fully microswitched version of the Zipstik with auto-fire switch.
  • Standard D-Sub9 connector so suitable for C64, Spectrum 16/48K (via interface), Amiga, Atari 2600 etc. (Note: Cannot be used in the Spectrum +2/+3's onboard joystick ports).
  • This is a used item, but has been cleaned internally and externally, then fully tested.
  • All directions including the diagonals, both fire buttons and auto-fire are working correctly.
  • Good physical condition with just a little wear and tear. All suckers / feet on the base are intact.
  • The Zipstik is widely regarded as one of the best retro joysticks made back in the day - and rightly so :)
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