Postage and Packaging Info

The postage cost of each order is calculated based on weight and size.  Most small orders will fit the lowest tier (Large Letter under 100g). 

Orders are dispatched by Royal Mail with a choice of 1st or 2nd class for the UK, and via "International Standard" for EU and the rest of the world. There is the option for tracking/signature on delivery. Please make sure you select the correct zone for your location.

I always try to keep postal costs as low as possible and will refund excessive postage should an order actually cost substantially less than the automated system calculates.  My usual posting time is around 2:15pm Monday to Friday. I always obtain a proof-of-postage for all orders.

UK orders:

Delivery times:  1st Class aims for next day delivery. 2nd class aims for 2-day delivery. Recorded Delivery is available as an option. The barcode number will be provided is this is chosen.

Compensation for loss: The basic level of compenensation for loss is capped (by Royal Mail) at £20 plus the postage cost. The Recorded Delivery option increases this to £50 plus postage cost. 15 working days must be allowed before Royal Mail will process a claim for loss.

Overseas orders:

Royal Mail's basic "International Standard" service aims for 5-7 working days delivery but around 2 weeks is not unusual. The "Tracked" option will either offer tracking, require a  signature on delivery or both (it depends on the destination). If a tracking number is supplied, it will be forwarded when the package has been dispatched.

Compensation for loss: For items sent via "International Standard" the basic level of compenensation for loss is capped at £20 plus the postage fee per package (The "Tracked" option increases this to £50 max and tracked shipping is a mandatory requirement for orders over £30 - it may actually be cheaper to submit multiple smaller orders). Royal Mail stipulate that 20 working days must pass after the expected due date before a claim for loss can be submitted.

Please bear in mind the postage values include little extra costs and weight for packing materials, the Paypal surcharge etc.


Q. Where is my order?
A. If you have selected a tracked shipping service you will receive a Royal Mail tracking code, this can be used at There is no tracking available with the International Standard service. I always obtain a proof of posting but Royal Mail stipulate that 20 working days must pass after the expected due date before a claim for loss can be submitted.

Q. Can you send to [x]?
A. I can ship items worldwide.

Q. Can you use shipping company [x]?
A. No sorry, it's too expensive and a lot of hassle for a single order.

Q. Can I pay without Paypal?
A. The store goes to Paypal on checkout. In most countries, you dont actually need a Paypal account (you can pay - via Paypal - as a guest with debit or credit card - look out for the link on Paypal's front page) but some locations insist on a Paypal account. Sorry, I cannot accept any other payment methods.

Q. Can you reserve an item? 
A. No, sorry. It quickly becomes difficult to keep track of such things.

Q. Do you have spares for [x]?
A. I only deal with the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

Q. Can I add something to an order already placed?
A. It's easiest if you just place another order. I will notice, combine them and refund the excess shipping cost where applicable. Of course, this assumes the first order has not already been dispatched. Please try not to do this multiple times :)

Q. Can I cancel an order?
A. Sure - just email me (or reply to the order acknowledgement email) with **URGENT CANCELLATION** in the subject.

Q. Can you repair my computer?
A. Sorry, I don't have time any more :(

Q. Can you help me repair my computer?
A. I can give general advice but I can't get into 1-to-1 remote diagnostics - sorry. You will find help and advice on my blog.