Cables for connection to TV, tape etc.

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2 Metre composite TV cable

Composite TV Cable (2 Metres)

A 2 Metre long composite video TV cable (phono plug-to-phono plug) useful for connecting a Spectrum that has been composite-modded to the TV.

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2 Metre RF TV Cable - Sinclair issue

2 Metre RF TV Cable  (Original Sinclair Spectrum type)

  • As originally supplied with Sinclair ZX Spectrum (fine with C64 etc too).
  • Used but clean and in good condition.
  • Tested: Good working order.
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Ear (or mic) tape cable for ZX Spectrum 0.5M

Spectrum EAR (or MIC) cable - Short type 0.5 M Long

A 0.5 Metre long cable with a 3.5mm mono jack plug on each end. Suitable for connecting between the Spectrum and tape deck's EAR sockets (or MIC sockets). Note this is a single cable so if you want to connect both EAR and MIC you will need two of them.

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Ear (or mic) tape cable for ZX Spectrum 1.2M

Spectrum EAR (or MIC) cable

As above but 1.2 Metres long.

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Internal reset switch for Spectrum+

An original internal reset switch for Spectrum+ (used)

  • As used in the Spectrum+ (soldered across capacitor C27 - or at the provided pads on issue 6 motherboards)
  • Tested, working.
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Original Sinclair Ear and Mic Cable for Spectrum

Original Sinclair Ear & Mic cable for cassette recorder.

  • Used, but in good condition (chrome on tips is intact, no obvious nicks in cables etc)
  • Cleaned and tested - good working order
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