Cables for connection to TV, tape etc.

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2 Metre RF TV Cable

2 Metre Long Standard RF Cable for aerial type connection to analogue TV

  • As originally supplied with Sinclair ZX Spectrum (fine with C64 etc too).
  • Used but clean and in good condition.
  • Tested: Good working order.
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3 Metre composite TV cable

Composite TV Cable

A 3 Metre long composite video TV cable (phono plug-to-phono plug) useful for connecting a Spectrum that has been composite-modded to the TV.

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Ear (or mic) tape cable for ZX Spectrum

Spectrum EAR (or MIC) cable

A 1.2 Metre long cable with a 3.5mm mono jack plug on each end. Suitable for connecting between the Spectrum and tape deck's EAR sockets (or MIC sockets). Note this is a single cable so if you want to connect both EAR and MIC you will need two of them.

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In-line power switch for Spectrum 48, 128 and 128 +2 (grey model)

In-line Power Switch for Spectrum 48, 128 & 128 +2 (grey model)

A brand new on-off switch cable that connects between the DC jack of the Spectrum PSU and the computer's power socket. Saves wear and tear on the Spectrum DC input and eliminates the need to constantly connect / disconnect the DC plug for reset etc.

These switch leads have been specially wired to switch the positive supply line, which generic switch cables do not when used with the Spectrum.  The cables used have good quality conductors, not ultra-thin wires!

Please note before ordering: Some early Spectrum 48 PSUs have a smaller diameter DC jack plug than is standard for modern 2.1mm jack sockets. To fit the socket on this cable the PSU plug (metal barrel) needs to be 5.5mm wide (not 5.0mm) - to the naked eye it's hard to tell so it's best to lay the DC jack on a ruler and use a magnifying glass. The shape is also slightly different - please see this diagram as a guide.

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Internal reset switch for Spectrum+

An original internal reset switch for Spectrum+ (used)

  • As used in the Spectrum+ (soldered across capacitor C27 - or at the provided pads on issue 6 motherboards)
  • Tested, working.
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Replacement DC jack plug for Spectrum UK1400 PSU

Replacement DC Jack plug for Spectrum PSU

  • Good quality replacement for original PSU jack.
  • Remember when soldering: The Spectrum PSU is unusual in that the inner pin is negative and the outer barrel is positive. (Getting these reversed will fry your Spectrum!)
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Spectrum Ear and Mic Cable

Original Sinclair Ear & Mic cable for cassette recorder.

  • Used, but cleaned and tested
  • Good working order
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