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Soldering Items


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De-solder Braid / Wick 0.5 Metres

De-solder Braid / Wick (0.5 Metres)

  • Ideal for assisting repair work on motherboards etc
  • Sold loose 0.5 Metres - ample for small jobs like for re-cap, chip replacement etc
  • High quality Soldamop brand braid with excellent solder draw.
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Flux Pen

Flux Pen

  • Helps solder flow cleanly, ideal for re-work jobs etc
  • Will also dissolve old flux residue etc to prepare very clean solder pads.
  • Non-corrosive flux.
  • Contents: 10ml
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Solder 3 Metres 0.7mm

3 Metres of flux-cored 60/40 tin-lead solder

Good quality, 0.7mm diameter - ideal for fine electronics work.

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Solder Sucker

Solder Sucker

  • A light duty, low-cost de-soldering tool, useful for removing solder when replacing parts in PCBs.
  • Simple to use: Press down plunger, heat joint with soldering iron, quickly place solder sucker tip on pad and press button to draw away solder.
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