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Chips for the C128



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SaRuMan 128 - Main RAM Replacement Module for C128

SaRuMan-128 main RAM replacement board for Commodore 128

  • Replaces the original 16 DRAMs used for the C128's main RAM
  • Its modern single static RAM IC consumes very little power.
  • Made by Eslapion.
  • Fitting instructions are supplied, and can also be found here.
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SaRuMan VDC RAM Module

SaRuMan-VDC 64k RAM for Commodore 128 VDC

  • A 64k RAM expansion board for the C128's VDC (80-column display) made by Eslapion.
  • Uses a single modern static RAM IC and consumes very little power.
  • Also eliminates the "VSP bug"
  • Sandwich design - simply sits between the PCB and the VDC chip.
  • More info can be found on this forum.
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